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wanted to draw a little mudkip on a marimo ball after seeing this post

just a quick doodle

EDIT: made him transparent if u want a lil mudkip on a marimo for your blog

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Anonymous said: Tell us about one of the more incredible sexual experiences you've ever had. If you don't want to talk about it here maybe answer it on your nsfw blog? Idk

i’m gonna go ahead and post this on the other blog okie??

if anyone wants the link you really just have to ask i won’t be weird about it i give it out like candy there are just certain people who really don’t need it so yeah

Anonymous said: Wait so you were seeing two guys at the same time? Was that weird?

I mean not super weird? It was a new experience for me. I hadn’t been in any sort of poly relationship at that point in my life, but it was a really good exploration of who I am as an individual. I kept open communication with them both, Ted and T (let’s just call him T for now) were cool with everything. I literally told them both everything I did with the other because I wanted to be as open as possible and make sure no one got hurt and it was the healthiest kind of relationship I had ever been in.

In the end I came to realize I’m still very monogamous because I like to put all of my focus and energy that I have for a relationship into just one. I like giving one partner more attention and affection as opposed to splitting it between two.

I think it’s very healthy to see multiple people pretty casually at the same time though, especially when you’re not in the right place to be with someone exclusively. There’s less pressure and it just makes things easier but you can still enjoy time with someone.

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My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)


My scene, in gif form! (thank you, Jacob!)


I spend a lot of time thinking about how much happier I am with Ted in my life and I really am so thankful that he exists. I love him a lot and I know that he loves me. He doesn’t annoy me and he never has and he knows how to calm me down and is so respectful of anything I ever ask of him, and I try to do the same. We take care of each other and communicate any time we feel like we need to.

I’ve made some shitty decisions in the past and I’m just really glad they aren’t affecting us now because I honestly don’t know what I would do without the support he provides. Like, I’ve got a big support system but something is different with him and I don’t know how to explain it.

Anyway, yeah. I just needed to share that.

In case you forgot how cute we are.

Anonymous said: I always love hearing these stories and I'm sure you've told it before, but how did you and Ted meet! :)

I hope you’re not expecting anything terribly cheesy and romantic because I’m gonna shut that down real quick.

Ted and I met in person for the first time in May of 2013 at a Sunny Side Up concert. He was friends with the guys in the band and had come down to visit them, and I was friends with them and was photographing the show. There were about five words said to him before I embarrassed myself and ran off (“oh! I know your blog! I totally thought it was party FORTED too, not  party for TED!” and the response I got was an eye roll i think? in combination with something really disinterested because I might’ve been the tenth person to say that to him in a row)

I eventually started following said blog because it kept coming across my dash and the shame of that ten second conversation finally wore off and I realized that Ted was pretty cool and I should follow him.

Then he mentioned he was moving to Oklahoma so we started talking about that and how we have mutual friends, etc, etc.

When he finally moved here I was like “hey your room is full of cords and cables that need organizing I’m coming over right now okay yep” and I ended up buying dinner and eating it in front of him and I never do that and we didnt even wrap cables. He did while I ate I think but I didn’t even get to help like I intended. By the end of the night I was pretty sure I had made some sort of mistake because I already liked him more than I intended on. It was to the point where I think I was trying to lay on the couch a certain way to be close to him without being close to him.

I posted something about how I wanted a Norman cuddle buddy on tumblr and how applications were being accepted and I got a few anonymous replies etc etc…but then one day after Ted reblogged our friends song DTC (down to cuddle) and then I intentionally reblogged it from him to be like HINT HINT I LIKE YOU YA NERD I think Ted text me and asked if that position was still open, I said yes, we cuddled a few times. With each passing night that I spent with him I could feel the sexual tension rising and I wanted to kiss him more and more but we had agreed on this weird platonic only cuddles thing??? I was seeing someone else at the time but he was totally cool with Ted and it was the first time I’d ever been in a poly-romantic situation so I discussed things with them both making sure we were on the same level and all that blah blah blah. Ted and I kissed and it was great and then we started doing other fun stuff too. I don’t really remember how everything all started but I do know I remember those sleepy morning kisses that happened in the beginning and I still cherish every moment that led up to me leaving the other guy I was with at the time and deciding to devote all of my feelings as far as partners go to one person (Ted) and making sure I could love him the way I wanted to and the way he deserved.

so he went to vegas with me and my family, we made things official, we started annoying everyone on the internet with how grossly cute we are or whatever, and here we are today.